Welcome to the world of passion for motor sports at its best, GRIPS GOKARTING and BOWLING BANGALORE. If you are looking for some adernaline rush and like to burn rubber on asphalt this is the place. Grips Gokarting is the only place in Bangalore which boasts of a very well designed multi-level track, with interesting corners. With over 40 karts of various varieties, we facilitate racing under the flood lights, With an attached cafeteria for refreshments, bowling alleys of international standards made of imported top class bowling equipments and also ample parking space.


    Weekdays :10:30 AM To 6:30 PM
    Weekends :10:30 AM To 9:30 PM


    We have over 40 karts of six different skill levels to satisfy your speeding needs and pumpin the adernaline rush.

    Kid Kart
    These are specially designed karts for kids.
    Low powered and high handling capability.
    costs Rs. 190/- for 6 Laps.

    Twin Kart
    Take your child above 5 years and below
    7 years for a jolly ride.
    costs Rs. 250/- for 6 Laps.

    6.5 BHP kart
    Trying your hand for the first times.
    Medium powered, keeps you in control of things.
    costs Rs. 190/- for 6 Laps.

    10 BHP kart
    Wanna get some extra speed ?
    High powered engine, to just zoom through any corner.
    costs Rs. 250/- for 6 Laps.

    12 BHP Kart
    All the power you ever wanted !!
    Very high powered engines, for that skilled driver in you.
    costs Rs. 350/- for 6 Laps.

    Pro Kart
    Professional karts with twin engines.
    Packed with all the power and handling.
    costs Rs. 540/- for 6 Laps.


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    The face of motorsport in india is about to change for ever, get set to experience the best karting experience in this state of the art infrastructure. The race track is located just 2.5 KMS from kengeri on Mysore road and 0.5 KMS from the NICE road towards Mysore and has superb road links from the garden city.


  • Safety and Facility...

    The track has an undulating 470 meters lap, with a very good combination of slow speed turns and high speed straights flowing seamlessly into one another. The track elevation changes makes this a real challenge for drivers.The track has the highest average speed in Bangalore Go Karting.

      • Safety equipment such as helmets are provided to the racers.
      • Track has a triple tire stacking all round.
      • Track has been designed and tested for safety.
      • First-Aid Kits
      • On spot marshals to guide at key points on the track.
      • Gallery for the spectators, which gives a clear view of the complete track.
      • Cafeteria for providing refreshments.
      • Ample parking space.
      • Flood lights to race after the sunset.
      • 470Mts long 7Mts wide all round the track boasts a firm tarmac face.


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    Here's the latest addition to the grips world of entertainment. If you had enough of outdoor gokarting fun, walk in to our bowling arena and try your skills to strike at out bowling alleys. The bowling alleys are of international standards made of imported top class bowling equipments.


    Weekdays :150 Rs.
    Weekends :170 Rs.


    Green Flag
    A green flag may often be used to signal the start of a race.
    This varies from place to place, as a lighting system may be used in some cases.

    Yellow Flag
    A yellow flag signals a warning or caution.
    In a race situation it usually indicates that there has been an accident or spin out.
    Drivers must slow down and approach with caution to pass the go karts that may be stopped.

    Blue Flag
    A blue flag indicates overtaking.
    If you are shown this flag, yield the racing line to the faster go karts that are approaching.
    It�s important to keep an eye out and be cautious as to not cause an accident.

  • More Flags...

    Red Flag
    The race has stopped.
    There may be an emergency on the track.
    Stop immediately on the side of the track or proceed to the nearest racing marshal when directed to do so.

    Black with Circle Flag
    This is a mechanical flag.
    TIf this flag is pointed at you, there is something mechanically wrong with your kart or racing clothing.
    You are to proceed to the pits cautiously as soon as possible.

    Black Flag
    Disqualification flags are used when there has been a foul on the track.
    If this flag is pointed at you, you know you�re in trouble! Some clubs give a black and white diagonal flag as a warning first, must usually you will simply be instructed to proceed to the pits immediately.
    *Note: your kart number will usually be accompanied by the flag to notify you clearly and avoid confusion.

    Checked Flag
    Signals the end of the race, practice or qualifying session! Hopefully you�re the first one to see it!


    1.1 Braking for maximum speed
    Confused !!! Yes braking is a very important technique to master to preserve your momentum through the corners. Most racers on the track go into some kind of �race mode� where they lean forward in the seat and tuck in as they want to go faster and faster, This slows you down in the braking zones as you take weight off the rear wheels which need to bite in order to stop your kart.The tip is to keep your weight on the rear wheels and keep your head up which gives you more traction while braking.

    1.2 The Line ?
    Wondering what the line is ?? The line is the safest and fastest way around the track. It might not always be the shortest, but it is surely the most efficient way for braking and acceleration. If you can drive this line smoothly and quickly you will definitely dominate the track. The basic idea of the �Fast Line� is to make your corner entries as wide as possible.

    1.3 Cornering
    Kart drivers often turn in too early to corners, try to keep the kart straight for as long as possible before you turn in. Lean your body out of the turn, and not into the turn, and get your body into position well before the turn in point. The trick is to place your kart on the outside of the track. At the right moment, ease onto the brakes firmly staying in a straight line. Come off the break and ease back onto the throttle as you turn into the corner. Maintain the power and aim for the inside edge of the track as you turn into the corner. Maintaining the power is crucial to ensure you have plenty of speed coming out of the turn. It's not how fast you get into the corner but rather how fast you exit. Always remember any sudden movements on the brake, throttle or steering causes resistance and slows you down through the corners, so keep it as smooth as possible.

    1.4 Passing or Overtaking
    There are two basic techniques to overtake
    -The late braking technique
    You should be able to outbrake your opponent, so that you get the advantage of the inside, however you will have a tighter line and will be a ble to pull away with the speed coming out of the corner. Tip: Avoid diving into the corner to avoid accident and disqualification, Make sure the opponent has seen you and if you are not level with him before the opponent starts turning, back off.
    -Early exit technique
    This technique is to start accelerating before your opponent does, you will need a wider line into the corner and head forward as your opponent is still coming out of the corner.

    1.5 Driving on a wet track
    Everything works in the opposite direcction here
    - Brake quickly in a very sharp motion so that you dont kill the kart.
    - Turn should be full and hard with your weight shifted forward, it acts as a front brake and the kart turns sharply when it finds a little grip and reduces the chances of sliding and spinning.
    - Shift your weight on to the rear wheels and Accelerate slowly, try to find as much traction as possible.

  • Testimonial

  • News & Events

    New Track !!
    We are happy to inform you all that we are laying new tarmac , due to this we will not be operating on Feb 21, 2011.
    The eagerly awaited prokarts have been tested and launched successfully, with a positive feedback from enthusiast who tried it this weekend.
    Pro Karts are soon going to be launched at grips, be there to check them out.

  • FAQ's

    How should I dress to go karting?
    You must wear closed shoes (no sandals allowed) and dress as for any outdoor activity. For more safety, wear clothes that cover your body as much as possible.

    Is karting dangerous?
    Karting is actually a very safe form of motor racing. The vehicles are relatively light, and proper safety equipment usually prevents any serious injuries, which accordingly are very rare. Of course there is always a risk, as with everything you do. Considering how many people practice karting, however, the number of significant injuries is very low. It is also a family sport, with even kids participating safely. You are more likely to hurt yourself in the pits while working with a screwdriver than while racing the kart.

    What is the minimum age?
    The youngest age allowed is eight years, however there can be exceptions when accompaniend with parents.

    What do I need to bring along with me?
    Nothing: We will supply all of the equipment you will need.

    Do I need to book in advance?
    No. Just arrive-and-drive.

    Do I need a Drivers Licence?
    No, just some enthusiasm and some passion for motorsport!

    What is karting?
    Karting is probably the world's most popular form of motor sport enjoyed by both male and female of all age groups. It is practiced around the world by hundreds of thousands of enthusiasts at widely differing levels of competition.

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